Summer Grants – 2015

Sailing into Knowledge STEM: Classroom and on-the-water sailing instruction linking math and physics to sailing skills provided by Community Boating.

Explore Your Environment: Bike expeditions and local field trips. 16 hours of instruction including UMD’s SMAST program for marine science skills provided by Trips for Kids.

Bay Discovery Days: An inquiry-based learning program for 275 students grades 1-5 to provide 2-hour nature trips to local marine habitats. Provided in conjunction with Buzzards Bay Coalition.

Science Excursions: Children in the Boys and Girls Club are provided with 4 hours of experiential learning at the Lloyd Center for the Environment.

ArtMobile: The Purple bus brings art activities to 20 sites in under-served NB neighborhoods over seven weeks during summer vacation. Also includes museum passes. Provided by New Bedford Art Museum.

Merging Dance and Reading: Children enrolled in PACE learn about dances and build an affinity for books through stories provided by New Bedford Ballet.

New Bedford Discovery: At risk students learn about their City’s history; and produce their own books for 3-hour lessons 3 times a week. North Star Learning Center

Cool Days: Six week program focusing on building STEAM skills with classroom instruction and field trip experiences provided in conjunction with the City of New Bedford.

Field Trips and more: High school students serve as mentors for low- income students on outdoor field trip. Dennision Memorial Community Center

Musical interpretations of marine life: Scholarships for students to create musical interpretations of extinct sea life through a partnership with the NB Symphony.

Shakespeare 4 Kids: Promote anti-violence among teens thru collaborative presentation of scenes at Dennison and other sites. Provided by Culture Park Theatre

Marine Robotics: High school students serve as mentors for program enabling viewing of scallop beds; visiting marine facilities and operation of underwater robot. Keith Middle School

World Tour: Students from low-income families study different cultures and sciences through field trips to library, Whaling Museum and mobile Museum of Science. YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts