New Bedford Education Foundation Educator Mini-Grants (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)

NBEF awarded a total of nineteen (19) Educator Mini-Grants this past academic year. In addition, several of the Educator Mini-Grants applications were scaled into Discretionary Grants that funded technology and music labs for schools – providing a program that rewards educators for bold ideas and provide a vehicle to learn about larger educator needs. Applicants are encouraged to be creative, work collaboratively, and to align with the Mission of NBEF:

Fall 2013 Educator Mini-Grant Recipients: nine schools, pre-K – high school, 1,019 students

  • K’Nex Forces, Energy and Motion Challenge: Ms. Carolyn Dubois, Pacheco Elementary School, 5TH grade. Students build roller models to test concepts of physical science.
  • Ocean Explorium Field Trip: Ms. Caroline Dewey, DeValles, K. Touch Tank discoveries.
  • Create a School Community Online: Ms. Eileen Cassidy, Betsy B. Winslow, K-5TH. Students use technology to build content online, collaborating with other students and teachers.
  • Bones; Your Inner Animal: Ms. Andrea Curtis, Rodman, 1ST-5TH.Students visit UMD exhibit and study correlation between design and function of anatomy and organism structure.
  • Hands On Equation: Ms.Jannell Pearson, DeValles, 3RD – 5TH. Kits of Math pieces/projects.
  • Build Your Wild Self: Ms. Stephanie Couto, Parker, 3RD – 5TH. LCD project using animal images and research to compose self-made body parts best designed to aid survival.
  • Arts in the Classroom: Ms. Gretchen Cholette, Renaissance School, Pre-K – 2ND. Camera.
  • The Mitten: Ms. Meagan DaRosa, Gomes, Pre-K. Students read, make, explore mittens.
  • The Dining Experience: Mr. Bruce Tench, Whaling City, Jr-Sr High. Male students partner with female community volunteer to learn life skills through art, music, exhibits & dining.
  • Art Library: Ms. Cara Beller, Alma Del Mar, K – 4TH. Books to build in-school Art Library.

Spring 2014 Educator Mini-Grant Recipients: six schools, pre-K – high school, 1,045 students

  • Impact Learning with Technology: Ms. Gillian Amaral, Renaissance Community School for Arts, K-2ND. Purchase Document Camera to integrate art into core subjects.
  • Investigating the Ocean: Ms. Margo Moore, Keith Middle School, 8TH grade. This is a follow- on to last year, now using the video from “Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water, Our World.”
  • Frederick Douglas Performance: Ms. Margaret Mongrello, Roosevelt Middle, 7TH & 8TH grades. All seventh and eighth grade teachers collaborated on this 3-applicant grant to fund a field trip to the Zeiterion to experience the Frederick Douglas performance, and to participate in a follow-on debate at Roosevelt following the performance.
  • Creating Dry Erase Boards: Ms. Jannelle Pearson, DeValles Elementary School, 3-5TH grades. Transform dormant walls into inter-active learning surfaces using Dry Erase paints.
  • Field Trip to Plymouth Plantations: Ms. Susan Kiley, DeValles Elementary School, 3RD grade. Field trip to Plymouth Plantation following classroom study to see history come alive!
  • Butterflies: Ms. Ellyn Gallant, Gomes Elementary School, Pre-K. Age-appropriate introduction to the wonders of art and science using the butterfly transformation journey.
  • Enrique’s Journey: Ms. Pamela Oliveira, AP 11TH, 10-12 Twilight School. Students receive book, and participate in relevant discussions/activities regarding immigration.