New Bedford Education Foundation Discretionary Grants (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)

NBEF awarded four large Discretionary Grants this past academic year to various New Bedford School departments and schools that resulted from Educator Mini-Grant applications, on-going discussions with District Administration, and from direct requests by Dr. Pia Durkin, Superintendent of Schools. New Bedford Education Foundation acknowledges the critical needs of the under-performing schools within our District, and we are working diligently to develop a competitive RFP for continued and expanded Discretionary Grant programs moving forward:

Discretionary Grants Awarded, Fall 2013 – Spring 2014:

  • Fall 2013, $9,179: NB District Music/Art iPad Donation & Normandin Middle Keyboard Lab:
    NBEF partnered with NB Director of Fine Arts, Kerri Anne Quinlan-Zhou, to fund the purchase of technology to aid the Art and Music programs. NBEF donated fifteen Apple iPads, and funded the completion of a keyboard lab at Normandin Middle School. The keyboards and the iPad devices provide integrated technology opportunities for students and teachers to work in 21st Century modalities. These tools enable students to compose music, integrate instrumentals, develop, capture and share performances – fostering innovation, technology, collaboration, and problem solving skills.The use of iPad technology enables the collection of student growth data that will be a component in the music teachers’ educator evaluation and comprises the “non-traditionally tested subject” pilot assessment of New Bedford’s proposed DDM (District-Determined Measures) plan as submitted to the state this year.
  • Fall 2013, $7,000: Technology for Parker Elementary School:
    Working with Dr. Pia Durkin, NBEF awarded funding to the District for the purchase of much needed technology for the recently designated Level 5 Parker School. NBEF funded the purchase of four (4) LCD projectors, four (4) Document Cameras and one (1) White Board Technology. These additions to Parker Elementary enabled the NB Administration to immediately extend resources to educators and students at Parker, and in preparation of the Turn-around plan being implemented.
  • Spring 2014, $10,080: Homework Helpers Cable TV Show for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015:
    NBEF responded to a request from school Administration to reinstate the call-in math homework cable TV show “Homework Helpers” for this coming academic year. This Discretionary Grant was approved, however funding will not be distributed until fall, 2014. However, knowing that funding is forthcoming, NB school District can plan accordingly to reinstate this important tool to foster math literacy and expand resources to students and families.
  • Spring 2014, $4,320: Nine iPads for the Normandin Science/Math teaching core:
    NBEF scaled an Educator Mini-Grant from a Normandin sixth grade teacher to fund the purchase of nine iPads for the 6TH grade math/science core of teachers at Normandin. These devices will enable collaborations on curriculum development and student assessments, and they represent NBEF’s continued commitment to aid in the development of excellent educational programs for New Bedford Public Schools’ students.