About Us

The New Bedford Education Foundation (NBEF) is a fund of the Community Foundation and supports educational opportunities for New Bedford Public Schools’ students beyond what is funded through the school budget.

NBEF solicits and channels funds used to enhance and expand the educational opportunities provided to students of New Bedford Public Schools.

NBEF is independent of the School Committee and public revenue sources and is a fund of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts.

The port city of New Bedford presents an opportunity to seed and develop competencies in Arts, World Languages, and STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Mathematics), including marine sciences. Our sea heritage is rich in diversity, with artistic and cultural depth reflective of two centuries of trans-global trade.

NBEF works with regional arts, cultural and STEM resources to extend learning from the classroom into our community and around the globe.

MISSION: To promote New Bedford Public School excellence through the awarding of privately-funded grants aimed at (a) providing transformative educational opportunities for students in New Bedford Public Schools, (b) supporting professional development for members of the faculty and staff at New Bedford Public Schools, and/or (c) strengthening the partnership between New Bedford Public Schools and members of the community they serve.

VISION: We envision New Bedford Public Schools as places where students are challenged and engaged in both inquiry–based and project–based learning, where students have access to state-of-the-art educational resources, where innovation is the rule…rather than the exception, and where students grow to become eager lifelong learners, not only proficient in present-day technological and analytical skills, but motivated to make a positive impact on the world in which they live.

Board of Directors

Financial Profile

The NBEF and its all-volunteer Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that all funds distributed through its grant programs benefit the children of the New Bedford schools and align with the mission and goals of the Foundation. Financial transparency is paramount to informing stakeholders and the public about the kinds of distributions made by the Foundation and the target funding areas.

The Treasurer’s Report graphic highlights the Foundation’s most current Operating Account information as well as Investment Account details.

The Grants Program table shows where the Foundation’s investments have been targeted for 2011-12 and 2012 through summer 2013. Note that in this one-year period, distributions increased some 9 percent.

The graphics (in our downloadable Treasurer’s Report PDF) highlight the current grant programs and their associated proportions of total grant funding. For further information on grant distributions, contact NBEF at info@newbefordeducationfoundation.org.